Benthic Petite Ponar Grab

Designed for hand line operation, this Petite Ponar Grab has Steel Plated Arms which are much lighter than the Standard Ponar Grab. Performs well when taking samples of hard bottoms such as sand, gravel, consolidated marl or clay.  Self-closing scoops have center pivot closing action so when the scoops contact the bottom, they obtain good penetration with very little sample disturbance. An underlip, attached to the scoops, wipes clean most pebbles and small cobble that would prevent the scoops from closing completely. Removable side plates prevent the lateral loss of sample when scoops are closing

Sieve with 500um mesh

Large heavey duty sieve for pre-sieving of marine benthic samples to remove clays and mud, before preservation fluid is added to the sample. Mesh size 500 um.

Water Flow Probe

The Water Flow Probe is a protable hand-held water velocity instrument for measuring flows in any open water system. The probe consists of a protected water turbo prop positive displacement sensor coupled with an expandable handle to 183 cm, ending in a digital readout display. The meter incorporates velocity averaging in both metric and imperial. 
Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday 
Queensland 4680